• Appointments are available in April and May

  • $8 per student and adults (Teachers are free)
  • Must have three classes to book (minimum of 60 students/adults total) 


We have developed twelve exciting centers for you to choose from. The number of centers you choose depends on the number of classes you bring. If you bring five classes, you may rotate through five centers. Each center lasts about 20-25 minutes. 

  • Archaeology: Students carefully dig through layers of dirt to discover bones and artifacts as they learn about the pre-historic sites on the farm.
  • Architecture: Students will discover how the older buildings on the farm were constructed. Teams will build with Lincoln logs and learn about old tools.
  • Mapping Skills: Each class will be divided into 4 groups and given a map, compass, and directions, which they must follow to retrieve items of nature. Four adults required to lead the teams.
  • Bug Hunting: After learning about beneficial and harmful insects to the farmer, students are sent out with tools to collect and identify live bugs.
  • Planting: Students will learn about how plants grow and where their food comes from. Each child will plant a seed in a cup to keep.
  • Math on the Farm: Students will help figure the cost of farm projects.
  • Four adults required to lead the teams.
  • Pizza Fun: Students will learn where the ingredients for pizza come from then make their own pretend pizzas.
  • Obstacle Course: Large motor skills will be tested as students climb and maneuver inside the barn maze.
  • Hayride: Take a hayride through the farm and feed the cows while learning of the importance of a farm in today's society.
  • Nature Trail: Walk through open fields and wooded areas by the West Harpeth River looking for tracks, scat and signs.
  • Tennessee Grains: Learn about corn, wheat, and soybeans and where you'll find them in the grocery
  • Centers Barn: A hands-on activity area for younger students, with a pretend farmer’s market, pretend restaurant, Lincoln logs, a loom, a farm play set and more.


We only take cash or local checks. 

The concession stand will not be open for school groups, but you are welcome to bring snacks and drinks. 

Please contact us to learn more!

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